A Little Fun During Crazy Times:

Move Up Move Down – Relocate Around and Around – If Not Now, Then When, Will I Ever Have To Commute To Work Again, Work Remote, When Where and How, Buy a Home, Get a Job, Virtual Office, I Think I’m There, Fingers Crossed, Say Goodbye To The Way It Was, Jump Into The Fray, Join The Buzz.

Lets Go! But The Cost Of Homes Are So High, But The Interest Rates Are Really Low, I just Don’t Know What To Do, Or Where to Go,

Call a REALTOR, They’ll Lead Us Through, Highest and Best, Multiple Offers, Mortgage Approvals, Proof of Funds, Open Houses, Virtual Showings, Sight Unseen, Everything’s Changed…Even The American Dream,

Most Who Wins, Buys All Cash, No Contingencies, Inspections, Appraisals – Negotiations, a Thing Of The Past,

So Do We Wait, For The Market To Slow Down, and I Bet, So Is Everyone Else In Town,

So Is It The Right Time To Buy, To Jump Right In, or Be Contrarian, And…

What About Those Who’s Homes Are For Sale, What Happens To Them, Where Do They Go, Where Will They Be Sent,

From What I’m Told, They’re also waiting, and Have To Rent.

So There Will Be Stories Yet To Come, When Mortgages Are Higher Then Homes Are Worth,  It’s Happened Before, It Will Happen Again, And a Buyers Market, Will Ascend, and 

Hopefully Bring Us To The Middle, Where an Efficient Buyer and Sellers Market, Will Solve This Riddle,

Again, When To Sell, When To Buy, When It’s High, And Easy To Borrow, or When It’s Low, and Hang On Tight For Tomorrow, 

I think It Best, When Just In Reach, and Yet “To Reach Further Than Your Grasp”, UnLike a Bracelet, That’s Hooked to A Clasp,

Negotiated Like Everyday Living, Balanced, Like Nature, With Both Sides Giving,

That’s When It Works, With Social Equity for All, Much Like Median Weather, of Spring and Fall,

Not Opposite, Like Young or Old, Or The Contrast Of Day And Night,

And Certainly, Not When It’s To Hot, Or To Cold, Just Like Goldilocks, The Time Is Just Right!  (For You)

Here’s the big take.

If you have ever studied economic investments, there is a tool/graph that is on the mark and quite useful when studying investment strategies, with the main variables being “stocks and time”.

The chart is called the “Ibbotson Chart” – What it says in a nut shell is that: “Over time, a minimum of approx. 25 to 30 years, you can see a trend where values go up and fall down on a regular basis – but over time, the “trend line” the chart proves, is that the underlying stock or investment, with all things being equal, over time, the plotted trend line ascends upwards. So over time, the investment vehicle, homes in this case, with up  and down markets, the value will go up.

So unlike “Goldilocks” you don’t have to wait for everything to be just right. It just has to be right for you, not your friend, agent, news reports, or neighbor, but right you. Up or Down The choice is yours, when you make it, commit to it.